Original Mast General Store

Original Mast General Store Valle Crucis North CarolinaOriginal Mast General Store Valle Crucis North Carolina

Charles Kuralt proclaimed the Original Mast Store was “a destination” in his most recent book Charles Kuralt’s America. Since 1883, the Original Mast Store has been the gathering place for the community. Stop in early in the morning for a cup of 5¢ coffee, to pick up your mail, and to get the morning news.

[pull]”All general store are satisfying to visit, but one of them, The Mast Store, is a destination.” – Charles Kuralt[/pull]

The Mast General Store opened in 1883 and quickly grew in reputation for carrying everything from “cradles to caskets.” Even today, you’ll still find shelves packed with all you might need for life in the 19th century and most of this one. Entering this landmark, you’ll notice advertising posters untouched since Mr. Mast hung them decades ago, stand at a counter where locals once bartered their goods or mail a letter at the community’s corner post office. Your might even discover a few old-timey bargains along the way.

The Original Mast Store location features mercantile items that you may remember from your grandma’s house like jams and jellies, real maple syrup, stoneground cornmeal, comfortable rocking chairs, sturdy hiking boots, comfortable casual shoes, and Chacos. Located along the Mission Crossing Scenic Byway, this mountain tradition will greet you with the warmth of its potbellied stove and its people.

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The Annex – Circa 1909

The Annex Mast General Store Valle Crucis North CarolinaMast Annex which is built of wormy chestnut, a hardwood no longer available after the chestnut blight in the 1930s, and completed in 1909, the Annex was originally a competing general store. Now, the Annex blends casual clothing with a mountain outfitters shop, and the original Candy Barrel. The old rolling ladder presently helps reach items on the top shelves, and you can still see the evidence of a foiled attempt to “shop after hours” in a tight pattern of birdshot over the front door. Ask about the Valle Crucis Post Office, which used to be located here.

Hundreds of Old-Fashioned Candy Favorites

Chocolate Covered Peanuts & Raisins •  Horehound • Rootbeer Barrels • Chocolate & Caramel Bullseyes • Candy Buttons • Candy Necklaces • Chick-O-Sticks • Maple Nut Goodies • Sanded Drops • Fireballs • Jordan Almonds • Orange Slices • Cow Tales • Toblerone • Giant Jaw Breakers • Boston Baked Beans • Pecan Divinity • Charleston Chews • Smarties • Bit-O-Honey • Peanut Brittle • Wax Bottles • Gummi Bears  • Wax Lips & Fangs • Chocolate Non-Pareils • Peanut Butter Bars • 1lb. Mega Jawbreakers • Circus Peanuts • Licorice Crows • Salt Water Taffy & More!

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