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Valle Crucis Apple Hill Farm
Apple Hill Farm – A place where animals talk and people listen.

Apple Hill Farm is an Alpaca Farm that sits atop Valle Mountain on the site of a 45-year-old apple orchard. The remaining apple trees serve as the focal point for the property which is now home to alpacas, cats, chickens, dogs, donkeys, goats, horses, llamas and miniature donkeys.

The animals have their own unique ways of welcoming visitors to Apple Hill. Jack and Maw, their full sized donkeys, bray loudly and then snort to herald arrivals. Hannah, their quarter horse mare, bops her lips together to beg for carrots and treats, and July Moon, their friendliest alpaca, will lay at your feet so you can feel her fiber.

Magnificent mountain views, wooded footpaths, and landscaped gardens are the visual backdrop for the barns and animals, providing the ultimate picturesque setting for Apple Hill Farm’s animals and visitors.

Apple Hill Farm started in 2002 with 2 pregnant female alpacas and one young female alpaca. In 2008, we are now home to 22 alpacas. In addition to alpacas, we have added horses (some of ours, and some who board), llamas, goats, donkeys, chickens, dogs and cats. We strongly believe that animals need a purpose, so every animal on the farm has a stated job or position. Our animals are treated with great care, respect and love.

Our passion is empowering people to develop a new and deeper connection with animals. These are some of the ways we convey that passion:

  • farm tours and North Carolina School Farm Tours
  • Alpaca breeding and Alpacas For Sale
  • breeding miniature donkeys
  • Boer goat breeding and NC Boer Goats for sale
  • Alpacas NC shearing clinics
  • Alpacas NC care clinics
  • animal communication and Reiki workshops
  • aromatherapy classes
  • intensive healing care for horses
  • gentling of mistreated animals

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Apple Hill Farm at 828.963.1662, or click button below to visit their website.
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